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Interior design is a rather delicate job, which requires not only considerable professional skills, special education and expertise, but also an ability to understand and “feel” your client’s needs. For this work to be productive, weeks to months (depending on the area of ​​the object) are needed. The process is rather painstaking and delicate, and it cannot happen without lengthy interactions between the customer and the designer, which should be productive, easy and enjoyable for both parties.

As a result, you have a stylish living space that reflects the individuality of its owner and perfectly fits their lifestyle.

Understanding what you need is our priority. Our goal is to find the right direction, to give you tips, to help you and to make your life brighter. We can make your life more comfortable, more beautiful and more colorful, using our knowledge, expertise and creative strategies.


Design project creation 3 stages:

1st stage:

  1. Measuring your premises
  2. Design assignment draw-up
  3. Baseline design and general style formation
  4. Development of several planning solutions
  5. Aligning the final functional furnishing plan

2nd stag:

  1. Visualising all premises and areas. Discussion and coordination
  2. Selection of decorative materials

3rd stage:

Development of project documentation:

  1. Measurements of the premises
  2. Furnishing and equipment plans
  3. Dismantling plan
  4. Mounting plan
  5. Ceiling plan with cuts
  6. Electrical fixtures plan (lighting, sockets, outputs, acoustics)
  7. Plumbing outputs plan
  8. Air conditioning and ventilation plan (agreed with related organizations)
  9. Flooring plan
  10. Development drawings for all walls
  11. Development of necessary decorative elements offered in the visual part of the project for further calculations and design by contracting organizations.
  12. Decorative materials specifications
  13. Lighting specifications
  14. Furniture specifications

Every stage involves regular communication with the customer.
The project terms depend on the site area and the regularity of communication with the customer.
Project design cost is $20-40 per m2.

Furnishing is the selection of decorative materials, furniture elements and lighting according to the agreed-upon visualization. It is implemented at the stage of visualization and documentation development.

Designers (alone or with the customer) will select tiles, bathroom fixtures, wallpaper and floor coverings, based on their appearance, technical properties, and cost segment. Furniture, lighting and decorative items will be selected via online catalogs or at showrooms. Furnishing is included in the project cost.

Design supervision means:

Cost: up from $150 per month

Repair and construction works are carried out by our partners, teams of highly skilled and experienced builders under the direction of a foreman. Cost: up from $130 per m2.

Turnkey implementation is a complex of all services aimed at implementing a project with minimal customer involvement.

It includes:

The cost is negotiated on a case-to-case basis.

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